Photo Gallery

Walls and floor under a bathroom sink showing microbial growth

Mold Growth Under Cabinets

When homeowners smell a musty odor fear hits them. When SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova took the cabinets out we found microbial growth which was suspected. We contained, removed affected material, and treated the area to fully remediate the problem. Then we provided reconstruction services to put the room back to preloss condition. 

Garage door boarded up with wood securing the side entry to the home

Board-up During Fire Restoration

This home had caught fire, and unfortunately had two break-ins prior to us coming out to perform the cleanup and restoration services. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova boarded up all the windows and doors which led the house to zero break-ins after the board up.

Fire place and living room devastated by fire damage with ash and soot everywhere

House Fire in La Riviera, CA

This beautiful home unfortunately caught fire during a Christmas morning. Most of the home was affected by the fire, as well as water damage from the firefighters putting the fire out. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova cleaned and restored anything that we could possibly save.

Kitchen wall with sink and counter removed showing microbial growth on the wall

Water and Mold Damage in a Kitchen

We provided water mitigation services to this home. When we pulled out the affected cabinets, we found quite a bit of microbial growth underneath. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova provided water mitigation, and mold remediation services.

Hallway and living room with puddles of water on the floor

Pipe Burst in Vacant Home

Our client was selling their home, in escrow in fact, and upon a recent visit noticed a pipe had burst and flooded the entire first floor. Worried about the upcoming sale, they were very pleased at our fast response and even quicker mitigation. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova had things mitigated in time for escrow to close according to schedule.

Back of washing machine showing the lines hooked up

Washing Machine Leaks are Unfortunately too Common

This photo shows an example of a washing machine leak. Our client recently had a new washing machine installed and the hook up failed. Their entire laundry room was affected from just a small drip. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova got them back to washing clothes in no time.

Living room showing soaked carpet and water staining

Living Room Water Damage

Long day at work? This homeowner came home from work to find her living room full of water, SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova was on site within an hour to mitigate and get this homeowner’s life back to normal in no time!

Electrical panel on the outside of a home with fire damage

Lightning Caused an Electrical Fire

Any number of things can go wrong during a storm. This photo shows an electrical fire caused by a lightning strike. Yes, it really can happen! Thankfully the fire was put out quickly and minimal damage occurred. Call us today (916) 251-7963

Ceiling that has fallen into the home showing lots of debris and insulation

Heavy Rain Caused Roof to Collapse

The last thing you probably think about before going to bed during a heavy rain storm is your roof. Well this photo shows what our clients woke up to in the middle of the night when the rain became too heavy for their older roof. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova is there for you in the middle of the day or night!

Basement flooded by several inches of water with items floating in the water

Flooding During a Thunderstorm

This photo shows exactly what can happen when your French Drain gets clogged and fails during a huge thunderstorm. Our client experienced several inches of flooding in their finished basement. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova was able to clear out the water and mitigate the loss.

School bookshelf with soot damage on the bottom and cleaned on the top

School Fire

This is a perfect example of how SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova makes fire damage “Like it never even happened.” The top half of this piece of furniture has been cleaned, while the bottom half has yet to be cleaned of soot from the fire. Call today to see what we can restore for you. (916) 251-7963

Outside shed burnt completely to the ground

Shed Fire in Gold River, CA

This picture shows just how much damage a small fire can cause. This used to be a shed within 20 feet of our client’s home. Luckily the home was only affected by smoke damage. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova came in and helped clean up the debris and the smoke damage to the home.

Garage with lots of items damaged by fire and soot

Fire in a Garage

Fires can happen in the blink of an eye! This family was able to contain the fire to the garage and SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova was there to restore their lives and the garage. We even restored many of their children’s toys.

Dentist office room with water on the floor

Water Damage at a Dentist Office

When the Dentist uses that little water tube during a treatment the last thing they think about is what happens if this leaks. Our client found out the hard way as shown in the photo. We got their office dry and back open before they knew it. Call today if your business needs us (916) 251-7963

City bus seats after being cleaned

Even City Buses Need Cleaning

When the city calls SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova we answer. The photo shows a city bus that needed to have all the seats cleaned. We came out and made everything squeaky clean.

Business building showing the ceiling with tiles missing after falling down due to water damage

Commercial Water Damage in a Building

This photo shows just how far water can spread and affect more than you think. A water heater leak on the first floor caused damage to the ceiling and many cubicles on the basement floor of a business. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova can get your business back in order.

Office supply store's floor with water flooding

Sprinkler Line Broken at an Office Supply Store

When a local Office Supply Store had a fire sprinkler line brake in the middle of the night SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova came out to dry and mitigate the large loss.

Room with no ceiling due to a fire and insulation all over the floor

Fire Damage in Mather, CA

This photo shows just the play room after a fire that affected the entire top floor. Our clients, and their small children, thankfully weren't home. However the damage was very extensive and SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova was able to mitigate the loss.

Mushrooms growing in mold under a bathroom sink

Mushroom Growth in Bathroom

When you have mold growth it's hard to think that things can get any worse. However, as shows in the photo, out client found out the hard way that mushrooms can grow with the mold faster than you think.

Flooring under plastic containment using specialty drying

Drying Hardwood Floors in Place

This homeowner was very proud of the beautiful hardwood floors she has just installed when she came home from work to find a supply line had burst and flooded her kitchen; SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova was able to dry them in place and save her new floors!

Tree crashed onto home roof top

Storm Damage from Fallen Tree

What do you do when a tree comes crashing down on your home during a storm? Our client found himself asking the same question. He called SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova and was pleased at our immediate response. We boarded up his home to stop any further damage, giving a roofing company time to get out and remove the tree.

Laundry room wall crashed into and washer/dryer moved

Car Crashed into Wall

This photo shows what the wall looked like after a homeowner accidentally drove their car through a wall in the garage. This was the laundry room on the other side. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova provided reconstruction services to put the laundry room and shared wall back together