Recent Before & After Photos

Slab Leak Caused Water Damage

On older homes unseen issues can sometimes cause large problems. The before photo shows the den of our clients home. They had a crack in their cement slab that ... READ MORE

Water Damage Mitigation

The before photo shows water damage to an office building. As you can see in the photo some ceiling tiles have fallen due to water from the floor above. All cub... READ MORE

Rain Damage While Roof was Being Replaced

When having your roof replaced one of the many things to think about is the weather and when it might rain. Our client found out the hard way when it began to r... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Rancho Cordova, CA

When a heavy storm blows your roof shingles off the initial water damage can easily be seen. However the before photo shows the hidden damage. In the before pho... READ MORE

New Flooring

The before photo shows mid installation of a new floor after a school suffered fire damage. SERVPRO® of Rancho Cordova did extensive fire restoration of the... READ MORE

School Fire

This piece of furniture shows how soot from a fire can be cleaned from most items. The bottom half shows the piece of furniture before we cleaned, as it was fou... READ MORE

Food Packaging Plant Duct Cleaning

The before photo shows our clean filter before we started cleaning the ducts in a commercial plant. The after photo shows the same filter after only one duct ha... READ MORE

Fire in a Local Church

A local church called us after they suffered fire damage. The heater for their baptism tub was accidently left on, and with no water in the tub the heater over ... READ MORE

Flooring Removal due to Water Damage

As you can see in the before photo, the flooring in this home had been affected by water and started to warp. In order to dry the water trapped underneath the f... READ MORE

House Fire in Rancho Cordova, CA

The before photos shows the rafters of a second story after a large residential fire. Many rooms were affected physical by the fire; bathroom, hallway, bedrooms... READ MORE