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Did you know there are 3 Categories of Water Damages?

1/28/2022 (Permalink)

There are 3 categories of water damage:

Category 1—Clean Water

Category 1 water damage is water damage from broken pipes, overflowing sink, or rainwater. Risks associated with category 1 water damage is low, provided, you respond to the situation in less than 48 hours.

Category 1 water damage if left untreated for more than 48 hours gets exposed to different contaminants which can turn it into category 2 water damage.

Category 2--Greywater

Some common sources of greywater are equipment discharges, chemical wastes like detergent, laundry, and soap. Category 2 water damage can pose mild to severe contamination risks. Greywater can promote microbial growth and the severity of the condition usually escalates with time. Both direct and indirect exposure to greywater damage can affect your property.

Category 3--Blackwater

Waters from sewers or water containing grease, oil, urine, etc. are ideal examples of black water. Presumably, this water type contains certain contaminants which can cause health effects.

It is mandatory to exercise special caution when dealing with black water.

If you have any questions regarding water damage. Call SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova at 916.251.7963.

Essential Ways to Prevent a Sewage Backup

1/28/2022 (Permalink)

Only things that disintegrate should be flushed!

A sewage backup is something that no homeowner wants to experience. Not only can this water be difficult to clean up, but it can also cause lasting damage to your property. While it is possible to repair the damage, it is best to prevent it from occurring in the first place. The following are a few ways that you can do that.

  1. Dispose of Items Properly
    There are only a select few items that are designed to be flushed down your toilet or poured down your kitchen sink. Disposing of other things in this way can cause a backup. Make sure you are not flushing napkins, paper towels, or other products that do not disintegrate quickly. You should also refrain from pouring grease or food down the drain.
  2. Remove Plant Roots
    Plants can be drawn to the moisture in your pipes and begin growing their roots there. This can make it difficult for the water to drain, resulting in flooding in your yard or in your home. Check for overgrown roots and remove these when necessary.
  3. Unclog Your Drains
    If there is nothing on the outside affecting your pipes, then you might simply have a clog. If you cannot identify the source of your backup, this is likely the case. Use chemical cleaners or a plumbing snake to remove anything that may be blocking the pipes.
  4. Maintain Pipes Regularly
    Storm damage, plants, and aging can result in your pipes not performing as well as they should. If your pipes are broken or blocked, water will not be able to move through them efficiently. In some cases, repairs can be done, but your pipes may need to be replaced depending on their type and age as well as the severity of the damage.
    If clogged or broken pipes result in water overflowing into your bathroom or kitchen, you may need to have sewer cleaning done by a professional. A cleanup and restoration company can remove water and can make repairs to return your home to its previous condition.

Water Damage - What are some signs?

1/27/2022 (Permalink)

When water damage happens to your home it could be stressful and overwhelming. We at SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova care about your property and belongings.

Water damage inside your home is very time-sensitive, the best way to mitigate damages is to find the water and source as soon as possible. Early signs of water damage can sometimes be overlooked. If you know what you are looking for, it will make it easier for you to spot the water damage you should be aware of in your home.

Visible stains and Discoloration  

Ceilings, walls, and floors may also show spots or stains in areas where water is present. Water spots cause discoloration in many different shades and shapes. These marks may appear darker and then fade. This is a common trait of water damage.

Strong Musty Odors

Pungent, earthy, and musty smells are almost always a giveaway that there is some kind of growth. Growth happens when excess water or moisture is present. Often microbial growth and water damage are coupled. Whatever the source of water is, it will need to be stopped prior to any remediation efforts for the microbial damage.

If you are unsure if you have any water damage, give SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova a call today at 916.251.7963 – 24/7 – 365 Days a Year!!!  

Untreated Water Damage Can Cause Extra Damage To Your House

1/27/2022 (Permalink)

  • Water damage can ruin your electrical system- Electricity can short out and cause further damage with electrical appliances.
  • Water damage lowers the value of your home- Untreated water damage can long term damage, dry rot, and mold.
  • Water damaged ceilings- Ceilings that have water damage can cave in dropping sheet rock, insulation, and debris into your living space.
  • Break down of carpet- Carpet fibers, glue and carpet pad can breakdown from water damage if left untreated. If you catch a water damage on your carpet quick enough it may be salvageable.
  • Ruin Drywall- Water can soften and break down drywall. Untreated wet drywall may lead to mold damage.
  • Health hazards-Toxins, chemicals, and contaminants remain on water damaged furniture long after they dry. Flood waters can contain harmful bacteria and microbes that can make you sick and linger on your belongings.

 If you have undergone a water damage do not wait. Call SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova at 916.251.7963. We are experienced experts that will get you back to normal living fast.

3 Ways You Can Prepare for Winter Storms

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Planning and preparing ahead of time can prevent unwanted winter storm disasters.

Unfortunately, property owners don’t get to choose when a storm moves into the area — but we can be ready for when it does. SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova specializes in fast, affordable, and efficient storm damage restoration services. Below, we've compiled a few tips to help reduce and prevent severe storm damage from impacting your property.

  1. Regularly Inspect Your Roof

Checking whether any shingles have blown off your roof or if there are any minor leaks and repairing such problems immediately will help you avoid serious structural damages when extreme weather sets in. If you find your home has suffered extensive storm damage, it may be necessary to invest in the services of a water damage restoration professional like the experts from SERVPRO due to rain leaking through the roof.

  1. Trim Dead Wood

No matter what time of the year, hard winds or heavy rain and snowfall can easily snap dead limbs, branches, or trees surrounding your home and cause storm damages. The professional technicians from SERVPRO recommend regularly trimming dead wood and branches on your property. Doing so will help keep you safe and minimize storm damage to your home should a storm set in.

  1. Consider Storm Windows

One way to help minimize the need for storm damage restoration is by investing in high-quality storm windows or hurricane shutters. These investments will help prevent leaks and other storm damage by protecting the glass of your windows and adding an extra layer to protect against wind and rain.

For more tips on how to avoid the need for costly storm damage restoration services, contact the professionals from SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova at 916.251.7963.

Winter Storm Types

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

While most winter storms bring precipitation, there are differences in how they affect the environment around us and how they can damage our home or business. As we head deeper into the winter months it is a necessity to be prepared to minimize the chance of any possible damage. As a company, it is our hope to help others steer clear of any disaster before it has a chance to present itself. Here are some winter storm types, and what to prepare for.


 A rainstorm has a heavy precipitation downpour. While it may not carry freezing elements, the heavy rain can problems. The larger damages would be floods and landslides that could potentially seriously damage homes or businesses in its vicinity. On an individual level, there are ways to protect your home or business from a rainstorm. 

  • Check your sealant.
    • The sealant around the windows in your home can allow for water to enter I they are cracked. Over time, this can allow for mold to grow.
  • Clear your gutters.
    • Having clear gutters moves the water away from your roof and minimizes the potential for water leaking into your roof.
  • Maintain good drainage.
    • Good drainage will allow for quickly rising water to be dispersed away from your home.

Ice Storm

An ice storm carries heavy precipitation with freezing temperatures. This combination results in an accumulation of ice on everything the precipitation touches. While it may not result in flooding like a rainstorm, an ice storm still carries environmental dangers. Here are some ways to help avoid ice storm damage

  • Frozen pipes.
    • Insulating exposed pipes will help to keep them from freezing. Even the smallest amount of insulation can help to keep the temperature warm enough not to freeze
    • Let your faucets drip to keep a flow through your pipes. 
  • Trim overgrown and damaged trees.
    • When ice accumulates on trees, it weighs them down significantly. Dead branches, specifically branches that hang over your home or business should be removed. 

Key Fire Safety Tips

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

Some fires are unavailable acts of nature or unpredictable accidents, many fires in the home and workplace are avoidable. The following tips, can help reduce the likelihood of a fire in your business or home. 

  • Watch your cooking- stay in the kitchen if you are frying, grilling or broiling food.
  • Give space heaters space- Keep space heaters at least three feet from anything that can burn. 
  • Smoke outside- If you must smoke inside, have a sturdy, deep ashtray. Never smoke in bed. 
  • Inspect electrical cords- Replace cords that are cracked, damage have broken plugs or have loose connections. 
  • Be careful when using candles- Keep candles at least one foot from anything that can burn. Blow them out before you leave the room or go to sleep. 
  • Install smoke alarms- Install smoke alarms on every level of your office or home and inside bedrooms.
  • Install Sprinklers- Sprinklers can help maintain and sometimes even extinguisher fires, giving your local fire department a better chance of saving your property.  

Should the unexpected happen give SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova a call a 916.251.7963.

4 Tips For Preventing a Fire in Your Home

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

No one likes to think about the possibility of having a fire in their home. Fires can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially. Fortunately, there are ways you can prevent the likelihood of a home fire. Here are four tips for preventing a fire in your home.

  1. Install Smoke Alarms
    Fire preparation begins with installing smoke alarms in every sleeping room of your home. You should also have smoke alarms placed in hallways, kitchens, and family rooms. Once you’ve ensured you have the right number of alarms, be sure to test them monthly and replace batteries annually.
  2. Educate
    Education is key to increasing the safety of your loved ones. Teach children the following fire safety basics:
  • Stop, drop and roll
  • Fire crawl
  • Checking doors for heat
  • Escape routes
  • The location and sound of smoke alarms
  • Emergency phone numbers
  1. Create an Escape Plan
    Everyone should create a fire escape plan. Creating a plan is one of the best fire preparation tips to keep your family safe. Draw a floor plan of your house and mark all possible exits, including doors and windows, in each room. Walk through your home and ensure that exits are free from clutter and that children know how to open and safely exit each window.
  2. Practice Your Plan
    Once you have a plan in place, it’s wise to practice it. Choose at least two times a year to hold fire drills. These drills can either be planned or spontaneous. A good run-through of the plan will identify any areas that need to be adjusted or improved. Remember to emphasize that once you get outside, you should stay outside. Never go back inside a home that is on fire.
    Fire preparation is one of the best things you can do to keep your kids safe in the event of a fire. If you ever experience a fire in your home, there are restoration specialists that can help restore your home.

One of the most common Commercial damage loss is water damage!

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

The Most Common Types of Water Damage

During regular inspections in your property, a commercial water damage event can occur anytime. The top five most common reasons your business can experience water damage and need restoration services are:

  • Toilet backup
  • Fire suppression system malfunction
  • Plumbing or supply line break
  • Leaking from a roof or around a window
  • HVAC

SERVPRO technicians ascertain the scope of work and services needed if a business needs to close during a commercial water loss. Even if the water extraction and drying needs were minimal, the danger of slip and fall accidents or the need to remove stock or business furniture for water removal purposes could make it difficult to conduct normal daily activities. 

Some water damage loss, where the water within the structure contains sewage or other harmful elements, has our techs generally recommend closure of the building during the cleanup. The type of water is not only hazardous to come into contact with but it can cause issues if it is aspirated.

SERVPRO techs wear professional-quality protective gear that includes a respirator, so they do not breathe in biohazard materials. Air scrubbers or the creation of negative air chambers may be necessary to improve the air quality during the restoration services.     

Afterward, the techs clean the structure with antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning agents to ensure that the surfaces get left sanitary and ready for safe reuse by both employees and clients.   

When you need expedited commercial water damage repair, contact SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova at 916.251.7963.Our trained, certified technicians are available 24/7 to take your call and perform any needed restoration services on your property to make the damage, "Like it never even happened."

Vandalism Cleanup

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

It’s just a typical Monday morning. You arrive to work and have a surprise waiting for you. Someone you don’t know has entered your business, sprayed graffiti all over the walls, and sprayed fire extinguisher residue all over. After the initial shock wears off, you get to cleaning it up. Realizing that you don’t have the proper tools and equipment for this type of clean up, you call the experts at SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova.

We are available to restore your business like new and “Like it never even happened.” We are experts in vandalism cleanup and restoration. Do not hesitate to contact us any time, day or night.

SERVPRO of Rancho Cordova is here 24/7/365 at 916.251.7963. We are a preferred vendor for most insurance companies and will bill your insurance company directly.